Vision Statement
To provide the best services in contemporary eye care and to create an Institution that will serve as a benchmark for international level/world-class service.

Our Mission
At Bopal Eye Care Centre, we are committed to provide best services in eye care through continual improvement of our systems, processes, and technology with a progressive mindset.

Bopal Eye Care Centre 
Aims at achieving the highest standards of treatment of cataract, glaucoma, squint, pterygium and other eye diseases. It offers treatment through its skilled and experienced ophthalmologist Dr. Alpesh R. Shah, courteous and trained staff, world class equipments and use of best-quality consumables and materials.

Lasik laser treatment, a contemporary treatment/treatment of choice to remove spectacle numbers, is provided in Freedom Eye Laser Centre, in Navrangpura area of Ahmedabad, where Dr. Shah is a partner.

The scientific approach of Dr. Shah and use of modern technology and latest infrastructure enable us to make sure that operative and para-operative risks are reduced considerably. The competent staff takes care of each patient right from his/her first visit till the entire post-operative healing period. It is only because of this teamwork that a number of difficult and complex eye surgeries have been handled with great success.